Saturday, September 8, 2007

Did you know?

Are you aware of the estrogen mimickers in plastics? Plastic: bottles, food containers, dental sealants, baby bottles, teething rings, styrofoam, the lining in food cans. These mimickers continously leach out of the plastic and the leaching is accelerated by heat or acid. Acid: saliva, orange juice, tomato sauce. Heat: heating in a microwave, hot food on a take out plate, hot coffee in a cup. These mimickers can accelerated puberty in young girls and delay puberty in young boys. And in adults cause hormone related problems like decreased sperm count and breast cancer.

Now I is see ads on TV by Glad and/or Ziplock selling plastic bags sold expressly for heating/cooking foods in a microwave oven. I am dumbfounded by this brazen pursuit of money without regard for public safety. What do you suggest we do? So few are aware of this particular danger.

I am also wondering if there is a correlation between young boys having had plastic dental sealants applied early in their youth and then needing testosterone injections in adolescence for underdeveloped testicles. Have you heard of incidents such as that or had personal experience? Asking parents out there. Anyone know if there has been an increase in delayed pubescence in adolescent boys or an increase in the need for testosterone injections for young men?